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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  June 5, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> he is concerned about getting his -- the case is already received. that could certainly complicate the selection of 12 jurors. >> jerry sandusky flashed a smile. the 68-year-old is charged with 52 counts of sexual abuse. many of the alleged victim's
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claimed the alleged abuse happened at his home, on the road, or at penn state. in court the judge asked potential jurors if they had any connection to the school. individually, they were shown a list of possible witnesses among them -- most of the alleged victims are also expecting to testify. until now, they have been identified by a number, but the judge ruled they needed to use their names. >> this has been a the most difficult time of his life. six jurors were selected today, including a woman. the judge ruled jurors would be selected from the area home to penn state's main campus. opening arguments could begin monday.
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they say they hope the trial brings closure to victims. >> chris thanks. we want to let everyone know we will be custom -- covering the trial every step of the way on facebook, and twitter. we will be sending a reporter to state college when opening arguments began. >> let's turn to the weather. another: in the metro area. chief -- >> chief meteorologist doug hill joins us. >> we'll be right back on the 90 degree mark. 65 degrees now, mostly cloudy outside the belfort furniture weather center. a little more bliss that we have seen all day, still a lot of cloud cover around the area. 66 in his third right now, 75 degrees in quantico. 70 at reagan national airport. the dew point -- it is dry
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comfortably cool. it feels more like the end of april than the beginning of june . lower 50's overnight. a very chilly start to our wednesday. we will tell you by how many degrees it warm up back here. >> a teenage boy is in police custody after allegedly assaulting two young girls. this happened yesterday morning in sterling. the victims were 12 and 14 years old. steven tschida picks up the case. >> leon, the attack took place in this would erie right out here. the middle school is right down this road. -- wooded area right here. the middle school is right down the road. they were assaulted by a 16- year-old and rescued by another boy. screams echoed through this community. >> i have two daughters. i would hate to think it is not
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safe. >> two girls were walking to seneca ridge middle school. a suspect lunged for them and began sexually assaulting them. another student came running. he confronted the suspect and chased him off. of the attacker turned out to be just a couple of years older than his victims. he is 16. >> even though the age difference is not that big, it does not make sense to attack a girl. that is uncalled for. >> students at the middle school say a lot of people were talking about the attack and the suspect. >> he was always pretty crazy. i do not know. >> of the girls told officials who notified local authorities. they picked up the suspect. the alleged assailant is in a juvenile detention center. >> if a guy attacks a girl, that is not normal. you do not see that everyday.
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>> neither the victims nor the 14-year-old were injured. the 16-year-old faces attempted abduction and sexual battery charges. steven tschida abc 7 news. >> we have an update on that horrific car crash in prince george's county where a mother accidently killed her 8-year-old daughter. a 6-year-old boy and a 7-year- old girl are out of the hospital now. a 10-year-old girl -- police say she was upset while moving out of her house, hit the gas pedal and set the brake, hitting those children. a driver crashing into an apartment building -- police have charged david smith with driving without a license. that happened sunday morning in riverdale. investigators say a woman who
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is swiss -- who was with smith told officers she was the driver. they charge her of giving false information. >> new details about a fuel spill at a popular fish market. in the southwest area this morning the barge's fuel tank leaked 105 gallons of fuel. >> they are still celebrating the queen in england today. queen elizabeth and her family stood there on the balcony and the queen rate to -- waved to her royal subjects. but there was something missing today, greta kreuz joins us with all royal excitement. >> noticeably absent on this final day was the queen's husband. filip is still in the hospital, recovering from a bladder infection. nobody knows how to, and
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circumstance like the brits. more than 1 million revellers turned out to honor queen elizabeth ii in a parade that brought british pride to a feverish pitch. >> fantastic. isn't it brilliance to the british? >> the final round of celebration began last night. there are rock stars and sentiment for marks and the queen's on >> the archbishop of canterbury praised queen's service. >> that have the public oblivious to rat -- the rain right now.
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aircraft from the battle of britain flew by. patriotic pageantry had the normally solomon -- sullen queen and grinning. at a rare address today she returned the favor. >> it touches me deeply to see family neighbors, and friends celebrating together. >> it may be over for now, but the crowd will be back before you know it because the olympics start there in less than two ben months. >> friday is when the real party begins. president obama sent a special message to the queen in honor of her 60 years. she sent a videotaped message that said that while many have come and gone, the queen's rain has endured. -- reign has endured. tonight, katie couric hosts aa
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look at the queen's. -- jubilee. >> still to come, a meth lab is uncovered. >> we will tell you what you need to do -- >> sentence in pregnancy that may be lent to a child's autism -- symptoms in pregnancy that may be a sign of a child's autozone
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>> the company announced today it will band junk food commercials during children's's programming. suzanne kennedy joins us with the details. >> more than 1/3 of all children and adolescents are overweight. in an effort to combat this, disney is banning ads for unhealthy foods from its programming. it is also trying to make food
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at its parks healthier. media giant disney is stepping into the effort to make children healthier. with the help of the first lady, disney said they will band junk food ads from their television and radio stations. >> this is a global brand that is literally changing the way it does business so that our kids can lead healthier lives. >> the new advertising standards will go into effect in 2015. they will impact children's cable channels. >> you have reached -- this is radio disney. >> it will also affect their satellite radio stations. only healthier food alternatives will be advertised. >> i think it is great. there is too much sugar. >> i hope other people follow disney possibly. i think advertising has a huge impact in this age. >> disney also plans to reduce
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the amount of sodium by 25% in the 12 million meals it serves to children in its theme park. that was good news for this mom. >> it was very difficult to eat healthy at disney world. we appreciate that. >> disney says these new guidelines meet federal standards to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables and reduce the intake of sodium, sugar, and fat. saturday morning children's shows will also no longer see ads for fast foods and sugar cereals that do not meet company nutrition standards. >> thank you, suzanne. what do you think? you agree with is the's mood to cut junk food advertising? 75% of people who weighed in on our facebook for -- poll said it was a good idea. >> this is a health alert for new mothers. researchers say women who had
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seizures during their pregnancies were more than twice as -- as likely to have children with autism or a devout -- women who had fevers during their pregnancies were more than twice as likely to have children with autism. this study was the first of its kind to be published. in other health news, listen to this. here is a good reason to snuggle up with your significant other. researchers say sharing a bed could be better for your health then sleeping alone. basic couples to snuggle up are more secure, have lower stress levels, and are less anxious. >> you are smiling because you are a newly wed. >> it is a way to keep your feet warm. >> there you go. we have a major car recall to tell you about. kia motors is recalling nearly 73,000 rios because of an air
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bag problem. so far nobody has been injured. kia says they will fix the problem free starting next month. >> time to turn our attention to the weather. earlier today it was gorgeous. >> we saw clouds, there were a lot of them. we are starting to thin out. with the transit of venus coming up -- >> fingers crossed. >> let's get a look at what our rooftop cameras in arlington are looking at. this is beautiful. there is a lot of cloudiness. not seeing any rain. we started clearing out before sunset. definitely cool, temperatures well below average for early june. 69 degrees at quantico right now. the dew point is 50. the air is very dry. your average high in the metro
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area is 81, 82 degrees. if you want warm weather, hang on, it is coming up for the weekend. we're in the 6270 degree area -- 60-70 degree area. through the evening, we will go partly cloudy. waynes will be light -- winds will be light. on the east coast, we are still under the influence of that storm system that has been spinning. there will be little pieces of energy coming along with it. all the ingredients will feel more like april than june. in any case, just a chance of showers. it will be cloudier on thursday. -- starting on thursday, we will allow the warm air to start moving in. 82 in minneapolis but only 69 in
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chicago. this has had a lot of influence around the country. 93 in dallas, 94 in south dakota. that low will get out the way allowing high pressure to move back in. an area of low pressure will transit to the south. what we can expect is a steady but slow warm-up for the next few days. still a chance of an isolated rumble of thunder. a healthy mix of clouds and sunshine. by late thursday and friday, more sun and clouds. here is one computer model in our future cast. over the next few days we will notice cloudiness, an infusion of moisture from the north. 63 degrees late tonight 69 at midday tomorrow. comfortable and coal. a third -- comfortable and cool.
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a 30% chance of thunderstorms and showers. 82 degrees over the weekend. lots of sunshine, kind of what you associate with jim. >> -- june. >> coming up how did this man did serious burns after putting on sunscreen? >> cases of dogs attacking military is are on the rise. we will look at this relationship -- relationship i had. >> the
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wrecks the search is on for a gunman who shot and killed a man in capitol heights. this happened at 1:30 this afternoon on emo street. police are looking for a blue volkswagen passat that may be connected to the shooting. >> what for started out for an emergency call for a construction accident turned into a police investigation and arrest. >> a construction worker turned in nail gun on his co-worker. >> guillermo lopez-molina is accused of attacking his co- worker with a nail gun. this happened in edgewater after the two gunmen got into an argument.
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>> he struck the suspect accidentally. the suspect takes this nail gun and discharges a nail intentionally, striking the victim in the hand area and the upper body. >> police are not releasing the victim's name. the three-inch framing nails released from his chest came from a gun similar to this when used in a demonstration on youtube. >> this is an extremely dangerous situation, potentially life-threatening. >> emergency crews arrived at the job site yesterday. >> as far as i know, it was an accident. i hope it was an accident. >> that is what police thought. but after several interviews, police arrested lopez-molina, charging him with reckless assault and reckless endangerment. >> i would be surprised as somebody would shoot somebody else with a nail gun. that would definitely surprised
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me. >> the construction worker is now being held on the $250,000 bond. gail huff, abc 7 news. >> thieves who broke into arlington -- thieves broke into four on thes and smashed the windows. they stole the air bags. police are looking for a suspect. >> still ahead get ready for an eventual never see again in your lifetime. >> -- an event you will never see again in your lifetime.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00 with leon harris, alison starling chief meteorologist doug hill weather, and tim brant
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work -- sports. >> a math lab uncovered in a maryland hotel. -- a meth lab uncovered in a maryland hotel. brad bell is live from that hotel. >> alison, meth is notorious for ruining the health and lives of its users. the process used to make it is also extremely dangerous. it can lead to fires and explosions. that is why there was so much concern about what was going on in the fourth floor of this hotel. police remained on scene and hazardous materials contractor finished a clean-up of this holiday in the meth lab. guests say they were unaware and that was just as well. >> i would be uncomfortable considering they have a tendency to blow up.
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>> police rushed to the hotel. a caller had reported a strong smell coming from the fourth floor room. officers found an alleged meth lab. three suspects were arrested. it fourth appeared later at the room. a fifth suspect was found wandering the parking lot. that is where he bumped into a television crew and gave an interview, unaware that his own room was being raided. >> dudes on the floor i was on. i have two kids. i have to go home. the men were as far away from -- as far away as from oklahoma. >> they informed detectives they were manufacturing drugs because they could not find methamphetamine in howard county. >> howard county police cannot recall the last time they found such a lab. the users cook a mix of pool chemicals and over-the-counter
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sudafed to make methamphetamine. the process releases toxic fumes. >> we have had quite a few rates in pennsylvania. i did not expected to find that -- i did not expect to find that here. >> the suspect chatted for a while. he actually said that he did not know much about math = = me -- meth himself. he said, boy, if there was a problem, it could take out a whole floor. now we know he was talking about his own room. brad bell, abc 7 news. >> an ugly confrontation in the district as u.s. marshals evicted a woman from her home in northeast. protesters occupied the area to stop the addiction. she was removed from the home this afternoon.
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>> a 16-year-old boy is in custody, charged with assaulting two mills cooler -- middle school students. investigators say the suspect attempted to sexually assault the girls but they got away. >> a jury is seated for the trial of jerry sandusky, the former penn state coach accused of assaulting boys. >> coming up tonight on abc world news, a new distraction behind the wheel and a huge fine. we spoke with that -- i spoke with diane sawyer about what we can expect. great to see you, as always. we all know distracted driving is a big problem. but tonight we are not talking about phones or texting? >> we are talking about your dog in your car. we have all done that. we will see some videos tonight that'll make everybody stop and think.
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accidents have been caused across this country. you have to know how to do it safely. we will show you. >> also tonight a family in their backyard stumble across a prehistoric -- pre historic sign? >> a prehistoric animal buried there. archaeologists will do anything to see them. >> unbelievable. we look forward to both of those stories. and thank you very much. you can watch the stories tonight on world news, right after abc 7 news. >> let's get a check of the traffic situation. >> that -- as you travel south that on the 395 delays on washington boulevard heading towards duke street. delays heading towards 123. an earlier crash near georgetown pike as part of the road which
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shut down until about 20 minutes ago. delays are working your way -- their way across the region bridge. onto 270 northbound. leon and alison, back to you. >> thanks. coming up, a fight in chevy chase over a proposal to cut down more than 50 trees. >> plus, the age-old fight, a dog vs. mailman, heats up. >>
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x and increasing threats to mail carriers has the u.s. postal service worried. >> the number of dog attacks is surging. >> everyone knows the relationship between dog and mailman has been tenuous. dogs seem to have a thing for letter carriers everywhere. this man delivers mail in
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northeast d.c.. it can get pretty hairy. [dog barking] he knows where the dogs are on his route. >> sometimes you don't have a chance to get out of the way or whatever. >> he keeps his eyes peeled. so does a letter carrier who delivers mail -- >> she is afraid of them. >> with an early start to warm weather, dog attacks are about to reach record numbers on the mail carriers. the capital region reported 55 cases in 2011. already this year, 37 with four more months left to go. in northern virginia in 2011, 38. this year, 32 already.
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there is one dog in particular that keeps him on guard. >> kee is a big old shepherd. he is a scary guy. he is always looking at me like, one day i will get to you. one day. >> the postal service had sent these notices out urging them to keep their dogs inside and away from mailmen. cynné simpson abc 7 news. >> he was reading that dogs bond. -- dr.'s mind. >> coming up, we will tell you what happened after this man put on sunscreen. >> i am here with a real astronomers. we're waiting
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>> stargazers will get a chance to see a once in a lifetime of and. >> as long as it is not to cloudy. and you have to have a telescope. in 15 minutes, you will see venous move in front of the sun.
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everyone is looking to the sky. we know you are excited about this. >> we will see the sun but we are working on the clouds. i am with an astronomer. you are watching the clouds moved. >> we will have that one. >> why is the transit of venus a big deal? >> the connection with history. the connection with the first time we were ever able to mention the son of using this -- a measure the son of using this transit in the 18th century. astronomers traveled all over the world to get a better measure of the solar system. >> this is a great reason to go. >> last time, without proper eyeglasses -- >> if you have glasses you are not sure of and you can see
5:44 pm
anything through them, they are not good enough to see the sun. >> we are here until about 8:00 or so. you can also see it streaming live from mauna loa. >> also from the various other web sites. >> you had better see it this year or -- >> 2117 or something like that. >> thank you for joining us. i know you have to go inside because you are giving a lecture. we will tell you more about that as we get that a little bit after 6:00. back to you. >> put the glasses on. we have to see the glasses there we go. >> there you go. it looks like a 3 d movie. good luck out there. that is what they will need.
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hopefully the clouds will break. >> doug hill, what is the word? >> maybe a little hole in the clouds. so far cloud cover around the viewing area. will see how it goes here. here is a satellite and radar. you see what we are dealing with. persistent clouds with little breaks showing up. a few showers, mainly west of the blue ridge. temperatures are very cool, 64. 69 degrees in annapolis. we should be in the lower 80's right now, that is the june afternoon average. it is very cool, unseasonably chilly. will keep that trend overnight. as the sun sets, 53 degrees to 58 degrees. our future cast will be set in motion -- 73 to 78, a slight chance of a shower tomorrow. increasing chances of shards --
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showers. look at the weekend. lots of sunshine, high as in the upper 80s. -- a.p.'s. i would yell really loud if i see the sunshine. >> it is not something you expect to have happen when you expect -- applied summitscreen. he was badly burned after his skin caught fire. he applied this sunscreen before he started cooking. he did not realize the sunscreen would still be flammable. he suffered second-degree burns. >> if people were told this was flammable 4 two minutes, i would not have used it. >> kee approached the flame on the charcoal. it caught the vapor and it follows the vapor trail to his body. >> looks terrible, doesn't it? a spokesperson apologize, saying they are unaware of any
5:47 pm
incidents like this. >> we do have some good news now for starbucks customers. soon he will get more bang for your buck. they are buying a san francisco- based chain in a $100 million deal. it or replace the current menu items next year. the high-and bakery goods will help them against competitors. >> this was eight -- she was a staple in the district every thanksgiving. she ran a homeless shelter for decades until financial problems forced her to close down. she died last weekend at the age of 70. >> she did a lot of good work around our area. here is what is coming up tonight at 6:00. we're keeping a close call -- watch on the gubernatorial recall election in wisconsin.
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voters will line up to see if the governor, scott walker, will be replaced. also, the future of a well-known horse farm in fairfax county. why it might be forced out of business. >> let's check to see what is happening in sports. >> you want venous to do its thing. the nationals are back on the field. they have lost four of the last five games. besides bryce harper, the rest of the club has been quiet. the redskins were back in the field today for organized team activities. it has been a great opportunity to look at some of the key players and get a feel for what they believe their role be in the fall. today, a look at wrecks grossman, who lost his job in the draft to rg3.
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>> rex grossman is down but not out. last year's starter knows he will not be the starter this season. >> i am no different. you also have to know your situation. >> grossman but the redskins off to a 3-2 start last season before he was benched. he got his job lot -- he got his job back -- >> this turnover last year. >> he may get in after all. two years ago, when a donovan mcnabb was the starter. >> i had to be ready to play. i had to be ready to go. i did get an opportunity. >> you know, you have that
5:50 pm
feeling that he is a good guy. our sports award goes to megan vogel. she caught up to an arlington sophomore who was cramping and going to give up. instead of flying by she dragged her the 20 meters over the finish line. for that, she is our sportsman of the week. >> how about that? >> the crowd went wild. they were cheering for her it was fantastic. isn't that great? >> not the kind of thing you see every day. >> that is what sports is all about. it should be. we lose perspective sometimes. >> still to come here on abc 7 news at 5:00. these trees may have to be cut down along wisconsin avenue to
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make room for [ male announcer ] this was how my day began. a little bird told me about a band... ♪ ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ ♪ she was in paris buwe talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so where to next? ♪ ♪
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>> recent d.c. corruption charges have many wondering who is next. many eyes are on kwame brown. >> speculation is rife about speculation. that councilmember kwame brown is about to make a deal with prosecutors and resigned. that led to an interesting day down here. with rumors swirling about chairman brown making a deal with contributions about campaign spending irregularities, they rushed the chairman, who said that his contacts were bothering him.
5:55 pm
>> i will come right back. >> it is the latest episode of d.c. government in the spotlight. vincent gray had two of his aides plead guilty about lying during his campaign against adrian fenty. brown did not stop for reporters. a reporter said that brown shoved him. >> he put his forearm against my chest and shoved me against the wall and called for staff and have me removed from the room. >> brown returned to the room and apologized and refuse to talk about this legal case. >> i have no comment. >> ask for speculation that he was about to resign -- >> i have no plans to resign. i have no plans at this time to resign. >> in addition to the mayor's
5:56 pm
troubles harry thomas resigned and is heading to prison for stealing public funds. gray nominated three people to a watchdog over the city government. this will be confirmed over the it -- >> we have a few more details on what you just mentioned. vincent gray did appoint those three people to the ethics board. they are three experts in ethics and law. they will investigate violations of ethics laws are among d.c. government officials. no more than two of them can come from the same political party. the mayor appoints each member for a six-year term. there is a tree fight underway
5:57 pm
in chevy chase. >> the state wants to put in a sidewalk. some trees would have to be cut down. the idea of fewer trees make some residents upset. >> these trees are called the green mild by people who live nearby. several bus stops are also here, but no sidewalks. >> i keep wondering bank a side view mirror is going to whack them. >> they are looking into building a sidewalk. this could mean cutting down more than 50 trees to make room for the sidewalk. >> someone would just plan a sidewalk at this time of environmental awareness without thinking about the trees or the impact is inconceivable. >> the sidewalk would take about 8 feet of space leaving two feet for grass.
5:58 pm
the state requires a six-foot curved strip to plant trees. >> i would not want it to turn into rockville pike. >> there is room for compromise if the chevy chase country club and the state of maryland meet in the middle on space. >> we need the sidewalk. how do we get the various parties affected to a compromise accord nate said that weekend plant the trees. >> if we cannot, maybe they have to rethink whether we need a sidewalk there. >> there is no exact date on when this project could happen. some think it could be as early as the fall. >> that is all for us at 5:00. at 6:00, tend -- accuser's and jury selection continues. >> inside the courtroom. the two people that could end up on the witness stand.
5:59 pm
>> one of the biggest political fight we have seen in years. why is the entire nation watching what happens in wisconsin? >> the fight to save a horse farm in fairfax county. the heated meeting is getting underway at 6:00. >> this is abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> is the high profile sex abuse trial that has the nation'as the tension. >> jury selection began in the case of a sandusky. >> it is being held a short distance away from the penn state campus. he is facing 52 counts by 10 boys. sandusky denies any wrongdoing. >> she has the latest on the day'as proceedings. >> 8 jurors